Seidel & Naumann diamond frame c. 1890

It's always nice to see that a makers has a real signature: characteristic details that make it easy recognisable as a bike from this maker. Like the Rolls Royce grille, or in this case the Mercedes. This bike is a Seidel & Naumann and if you compare it to the semi-diamond frame, which is probably of the same age, you will see these bikes have a lot of details in common.
The chain tensioners at the rear axle, the bottom bracket spindle, the brake lever and even the double rear chainwheels are the same, for instance. It makes this bike a nice and individualistic early diamond frame safety. A shame it misses those beautiful fenders the other bike has, and of course the saddle is far too modern.
If I see it right, serial number indicated on top of the handlebars is 20346.

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